2023 is not even half way through and the Swakopmund Museum has been busier than ever! Our Events Calendar for this year is packed with awesome topics. Let’s have a look at what we have accomplished so far and what you can expect for the rest of the year.

Swakopmund Museum Events

Night at the Museum

A “Night at the Museum” has been an event that our team has been wanting to do for a very long time. We decided 2023 is the year to do it. For the 10th and 19th of March 2023 we invited people to come and enjoy an evening in the Swakopmund Museum. During the planning phase we quickly realized that we want to accomplish three goals: being educational and informative, a little scary and bringing heritage and culture to life.

The Swakopmund Museum came alive as the curator guided the visitors through a partially lit Museum. Visitors heard the story of Captain Salvador’s to South West Africa, as he embarked on the journey in an ox wagon with an older “Oom” who told a tale of stolen gold. The tour also featured a search for the resident ghost and an evil dentist who just wanted to take the naughty children’s teeth. Finally, we ended up with “8th Octaves”, a local Marimba Band, as they brought culture alive and everyone was swept into dance and singing.  On the second evening we had special visitors from the Snake Park: the scorpions lit up eerily in ultraviolet light. Of course, there were many more funny and scary moments – but we cannot give away all our secrets! The “Night at the Museum” will be repeated.

Swakopmund Museum Events

Autism Awareness

We, as the Swakopmund Museum see it as our responsibility to use our platform to raise awareness about important topics in our community. Many people find this strange or even unusual for a museum to do. Yet, if you consider what the word “culture” means, you quickly realize that it is our responsibility as a cultural institution to educate and inform the public on local issues. This year, in collaboration with the Stepping Stone School of Swakopmund, we organised an informational evening for parents, the general public or anyone interested in learning more about autism. Professionals in the field, such as a paediatrician, a speech therapist, and an occupational therapist were invited to share insights and knowledge with the almost 60 people in attendance. Plans for a new school building for the Stepping Stone School were also introduced and information provided.

Also, the Swakopmund Museum hosted a special Autism Awareness Exhibition which gave information about Autism and showcased beautiful pieces of art from the students of Stepping Stone School.

The Swakopmund Museum team feels very passionate about raising awareness on many more topics! So, keep an eye on our events calendar – Ocean Month is coming closer.

Swakopmund Museum Events

Night of the Galleries

The Swakopmund Arts Association annually organizes the “Night of the Galleries” over Easter Weekend. We felt it was the perfect opportunity to test out the waters, as to what would happen with extended opening hours over a long weekend. We did not know what to expect and were blown away by the number of visitors that did walk through our doors. Wine, beer and snacks were available. Even though we did not have a specific exhibition to showcase, we showed off our Museum at night. That in itself is a sight to see.


Who does not want to spend an afternoon or evening exploring the stars? The Swakopmund Museum had the privilege to host the first mobile planetarium in Namibia. What a unique way for young and old to explore the universe and its galaxies! Our curator received some 400 calls and emails from people wanting to book space for their family and friends. Nobody wanted to miss out on this unique experience. Unfortunately, we could not accommodate everyone although we did our best, even opening up more time slots. This will not be the last time that the team of the mobile planetarium will come to the Swakopmund Museum. So, keep your eyes and ears open to not miss your chance next time.

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